The Psychologists Protection Society is a defence organisation, run for the benefit of members.  The main purpose of PPS is to provide members with assistance when complaints are received from clients and other professional protection matters. Protecting therapists for over 40 years, the Psychologists Protection Society is the only defence organisation run for therapists, by therapists.  The Board of Trustees who govern PPS are professionals and students who are elected from the membership roll of the Psychologists Protection Society Trust or are co-opted onto the board for their specific skills or experience.  

By joining PPS, a member benefits from a wide range of cover and indemnities by combining a membership contract with insurance policies.  Membership provides as standard:

    • Members Professional Protection Insurance (which combined with the PPS Trust provides more than standard professional indemnity policies, such as costs of disputes with professional bodies and defamation)
    • Public Liability Insurance
    • Discretionary Trust Fund
    • Legal & professional advice and assistance
    • The Psychologists Protection Society also organises CPD (Continuing Professional Development) events which are free for members and can be attended in person or online

Our members include trainees and qualified persons working in the talking and listening therapies.  Although originally limited to members from the field of psychology, members now include counsellors, psychotherapists, play therapists, art therapists, music therapists, drama therapists and similar related groups.  PPS has members in England, Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland, Scotland and Wales.



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