What are the benefits of becoming a member of the Trust?

By joining PPS, a member benefits from a wider range of cover and indemnities than other organisations, by combining a membership contract with insurance policies. This provides a broader scope of cover as the member’s own Professional Protection Insurance policy is supported by our discretionary Professional Indemnity Trust Fund. 

PPS Membership Schemes

Members Professional Protection Insurance

Standard Bronze PPS membership includes £100,000 Professional Protection Insurance.  Professional Protection Insurance provides protection against claims for damages arising out of a members professional activities. Top Up levels of £1,000,000 (Silver) and £2,500,000 (Gold) are available to all members, as are additional levels on request.

Any insurance excess under the Members Professional Protection Insurance policy will be met by the Trust Fund reducing the financial burden of a complaint on a member even further. 

Public Liability Insurance

Bronze, Silver and Gold PPS membership includes £5,000,000 Public Liability Insurance, protecting members against claims from third parties for damage to property or personal injury.  

Discretionary Professional Indemnity from our Trust Fund

Bronze, Silver and Gold Members may be able to access our discretionary Trust Funds when unforeseen circumstances arise.  Access to the Trust Fund is strictly at the discretion of the Board of Trustees.

The PPS Trust Fund reserves currently stand at over £300,000.  The reserves have been contributed by Members and are held in trust for Members.  The role of the Board of Trustees is to oversee any claims made to the Members Professional Protection Insurance policy and to the Professional Indemnity Trust Fund.   

Elected Trustees are fellow professionals (current practitioners and retired) from the talking and listening therapies. Trustees are elected from the membership roll of the Psychologists Protection Society Trust or co-opted onto the board for their specific skills or experience. Members are therefore reassured that any Professional Protection claim will be managed by fellow professionals who have an understanding of the field of talking and listening therapies.

Advice and Assistance

Bronze, Silver and Gold PPS Members can obtain Industry specific advice and assistance from our PPS advisors and Board of Trustees.  In addition legal advice can be accessed from our dedicated legal advice line.


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