What is the PPS Trust?

Do you want to find out more information about the work of the Psychologists Protection Society Trust?

The Psychologists Protection Society Trust (PPST) is a defence organisation, run for the benefit of members – counsellors, psychologists and psychotherapists working in the talking and listening therapies. The objectives of the Trust are detailed in our Articles of Association; 


To provide education and advice to and promote high standards of professional practice by practitioners in the talking and listening therapy services; 

To promote, support and protect the character, honour, interests and reputation of practitioners in the talking and listening therapy services;

To provide financial, legal and/or other professional assistance to members when complaints are received from their clients, in defending proceedings where a matter of professional principle is involved; and/or in vindicating a member’s character, honour interests and/or reputation; and/or in defending proceedings against members arising from an alleged act or omission;


To provide assistance to members when damages and costs are awarded by a court, or where a settlement is made out of court. 


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